State Refugee Program

             2015 Services Provision Guidelines


State Refugee Program Members

Michael Singleton     State Refugee Coordinator

Adelia Roseboro         Business Operations

Sokhan Ket                   Business Operations

Kevin McGee                Business Operations

Phillip Gladney            Data Manager


                               State Refugee Health Program Members


Monica Vargas      State Refugee Health Coordinator

Berekat G. Beraki        Program Consultant

Margarita Tselesin       Program Associate

Aweis Amin            PH Interpreter

Saida Nur                    PH Interpreter

Hari Gurung               PH Interpreter

Nakia Valentine      Linkage Coordinator

Kenya Baqi                Data Analyst


                  Multi-County Refugee Resettlement Unit Members


Thanh Bui            Economic Support specialist Unit Supervisor

Sadia Rashid                 Economic Support Specialist 3

Mathew Kon                  Economic Support Specialist 3

Cybil Kyaw-Dwe           Economic Support Specialist 3

Ram Gurung                  Economic Support Specialist 3

Virginie Djiatsa             Economic Support Specialist 3

Hassan Yassin               Economic Support Specialist 3

Quenise Newton           Administration Support 3

Unit contact phone number:  404-687-3122
Unit direct fax number:           404-687-3123
Operator phone number:        404-687-3121

                               State of Georgia Refugee Health Material

Refugee Health Guidelines Manual       (2010-2011)

State Letter on Refugees, Health Reform and Other Health & Mental Health Resources

Bed Bug Information        English          Karen         Burmese 

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