Resources on this page are free to download and use.

If  you know of any other resources that may be available to distribute to the Refugee Community, please let us know!

Financial Capability Resource Guide

The purpose of this notice is to provide information about financial capability resources to child care providers and parents and to encourage you to consider the potential role of financial capability services in the work that you do. Financial capability is the capacity, based on knowledge, skills, and access, to manage financial resources effectively. Building this capacity is a critical aspect to supporting the vision of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF): children, youth, families, individuals, and communities who are resilient, safe, healthy, and economically secure. The Office of Child Care is taking the opportunity provided by National Financial Capability Month to highlight the importance of financial capability for Child Care and Development Fund participants/clients.

Financial Capability Resource Guide


DeKalb County Resource Guide

DeKalb County Resource Guide

Congolese Backgrounder

Congolese Backgrounder

Somali Refugee Women’s Health Video’s from ORR

See video’s at link below:

Somali Women’s Health Video

Trauma-Informed Care for Displaced Populations

Trauma-Informed Care for Displaced Populations

Resources to Unite Communities

Sample Gallery

Raising Young Children In A New Country

Raising Young Children In A New Country

Suicide Prevention Resource for Refugees

Suicide Prevention and AwarenessTraining for Refugee Gatekeepers

USCIS Civics Test Questions and Answers in Nepali

USCIS Civics Test Questions and Answers in Nepali

Refugee 101 and Cultural Competency Training

Refugee 101 and Cultural Competency Training
Refugee 101 FAQ’s
Refugee 101 Provider List

Burmese-English Dictionary

Burmese-English Print Dictionary
Burmese-English Online Dictionary

Suicide Prevention Posters

Please take advantage of the posters below to assist in fighting Suicide in the Refugee Population.

Poster Instructions

English Suicide Prevention Poster
Burmese Suicide Prevention Poster
Nepali Suicide Prevention Poster

Bhutanese Suicides Report   (NEW!)

Health Resources from USCRI

The U.S Committe for Refugees and Immigrants has compiled a great repository for Health-related Resource material.  These Healthy Refugee Toolkits are available for download and are translated into some of the major Refugee languages.  Please visit their site and share this information!–immigrants/health/healthy-living-toolkit/english.html

Refugee Social Service Provider Directory

Download and print out this great resource!

Refugee Social Service Provider Directory


Welcome to the

This website is a great source of information for Refugees and Agencies serving them.  Many resources are available including:

*  Locating an ESL class in your area.
*  Learning how to apply for U.S Citizenship.
*  Help with preparing for the Naturalization Test.
*  Finding Volunteer Opportunities in your area.
*  A list of State Refugee Coordinators and Agencies that provide assistance to Refugees.

In addition to the above resources, the following printable documents are available:

How do I?

How do I become a US Permanent Resident?                                                                                                                                                       How do I show my Employer that I am authorized to work?                                                                                                                                                                     How do I get a Refugee Travel Document?                                                                               How do I help my Relative get Refugee or Asylee status?

Welcome to the United States:  A Guide for New Immigrants

English     Arabic     Chinese     French     Haitian Creole     Korean     Polish     Portuguese     Russian     Somali     Tagalog     Urdu     Vietnamese

“I Speak” Cards

To spread the word among Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals about their rights to free interpretation and translation services, Culture Connect, Inc. also uses “I Speak” cards. These are two-sided bilingual cards with printed information about Language Access Rights, as well as a statement that requests an interpreter.  Please go to the below website to download the materials.

Welcome to the U.S. Guidebooks

The Cultural Orientation Resource Center has various translated resources available free for download on their website.  Below are the Welcome to the U.S. Guidebooks in 12 languages.  Other resources are available at their website including phrasebooks, orientation videos and cultural profiles.

Guidebooks by Language
Chin   (NEW!)
Burmese   (NEW!)
Kinyarwanda   (NEW!)

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